Rooms of Kairos


ROOMS OF KAIROS is an abstract concept, an interdisciplinary multi-platform project, and an actual series of physical spaces dedicated to music and to the arts.
Its headquarter hosts a SONIC PRODUCTION STUDIO, advanced mixing & mastering affairs, as well as a variety of sound engineering services. Besides, it operates as an ART AGENCY and as a center for the curation of a wide spectrum of cultural events and art exhibitions.
Home for creative professionals, music and sounds, art and signs, design and philosophy, projects and visions, the studio stands for concrete and conceptual spaces and times that become ideal(istic) rooms for the creative gesture.
Hot core of the project, the sonic studio is now available to be rented out by musicians and sound engineers who are looking for an accurate acoustic environment and high-end equipment. Our technical team is also offering different AUDIO ENGINEERING SERVICES, in and out of the studio.


Music, Service