Letizia Trussi

“Gaswerksieldung Berlin is now up and running for more than four years. It has become an industrious, well-established community, and – next to many parties – much great art and music had been produced. However, getting established also carries the risk of stagnation. It is for that reason that Gaswerksiedlung has created the position of an artistic director/curator in order to formulate and advance its artistic position. And I am more than enthusiastic to announce that Rooms of Kairos represented by Letizia Trussi will take over this position with immediate effect.

Letizia, most known as Leti, is a perfect incarnation of what Gaswerk aims to be: a community-driven platform that respects and furthers individual creative talent. Leti will work with the Cafe Muschkebart, the gART.n but also in other spaces within Gaswerk. Please contact her, if you feel that your position should be represented by Gaswerk. ”

Stephan Kunze
Founder and Manager of Gaswerksiedlung Berlin

“Four years, four months, and more or less four days have passed by since I first stepped into Gaswerksiedlung.
I clearly remember a very inspired Silvester bike ride… I was crossing the bridge of Treptow when I felt an explosion of a next-level love for Berlin, its people, for the work we do together here with music, art, culture, and nightlife. The urge of creating something mine was arising and the start of a new chapter was approaching. “Time to grow some proper roots”, I thought, I felt, I knew!
Four days later, I visited Gaswerksiedlung and felt I found a home for a new project.

The intuition was crystalline, and it revealed itself to be on point.

From the early days, the community has shown to encompass all the features that a creative professional would need and deserve to develop a good studio project, a technical space, an atelier – proper structures, fair prices, safety and reliability, independent studios offering concentration and focus yet all connected into a wider concept and infrastructure, bountiful horizons. Not to forget our amazing garden and café, figuring as ideal spaces for encounter.
Month after month, the residents’ presence and work activated the whole livelihood of the project, in form of spontaneous collaboration, exchange, support, and inspiration.

That’s the environment that hosted the last phase of my creative work and life, all whirling around the genesis and development of Rooms of Kairos – a personal initiative, yet conceived to offer an ideal ground for the work of many.

As a project manager and as a curator, my love goes to music and sound, art and sign, design and philosophy, vision and investigation; my attention is drawn to interdisciplinarity and experimentation, with a stronger focus on the very process of creation; my intention is to support artists in their work and incite opportunities for collaboration, ultimately building and connecting communities; my role is to bridge art and the public in ways that encourage reflection, meaningfulness, diversity, innovation, and, in the best case, elevation.

Artists and lovers of culture are at the centre of such an enthralling equation, and the ambition is to constantly enlarge their number, moved by the certainty that people’s curiosity and their ability to coexist, communicate and co-create are the most crucial ingredients for change.

These days, Rooms of Kairos has been invited to curate Gaswerksiedlung Berlin, by initiating a process that aims at building its aesthetic identity and at drawing its signature and presence in Berlin’s cultural life.
I believe that this identity will emerge gradually, through a series of diverse events and initiatives, both connecting frameworks / growing synergies within the settlement and expanding the picture to the wider creative community.

If such a stream of events and initiatives won’t necessarily represent each and every single creative person of Gaswerksiedlung, I hope nevertheless to invent occasions for everybody to feel part of the place, these times, and this organism.

So this is a whole new phase, for me, for my project, and for Gaswerksiedlung too, as this ideal studio community wants to find its voice and make it echo far beyond its borders.
I am grateful for the opportunity, and I wish to expand Rooms of Kairos’ spirit to the community, believing that its core concept hits a common interest of us artists and Gaswerksiedlung Berlin: shaping the right spaces and times for artistic expression to happen at its full, for the channels to be open, for messages to be delivered.”

Letizia Trussi

Rooms of Kairos

Rooms of Kairos’ team

a:  Köpenicker Chaussee 32, 10317 Berlin
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