One life through analog

I arrived at my first interview with Noah with half an hour of delay … but I received with a totally welcoming calm …
Like his Atelier, where you can breathe art, culture, creativity in every corner.
In the background Michael Jackson sounds, and on the table a kind of bulldog / fox head with some magic.

“I don’t know we find it, was in the pocket and somebody put it here…. It’s maybe a fox”

Noah, a person who, when you hear him speak, you can feel his own enthusiasm and you can enter directly into his world full of love for life, his way to convey it is in analog.
The first thing that explains to me is that you have lost your iPhone, but it seems even happy with this lost.
Noah could say that he is a Berliner baby, just 10 months ago that he landed in Berlin and he did it for love.

“I’m here for only 10 months and I came for love, not for work I came here and it was a quick decision ok so lets do it!! I want to change something.”
He studied screen printing, in fact this was his profession but he decided to quit this time for the love of life.
“I was about to get a studio I had machines and everything to make it to happen and then I realized if I did this now I will become like my boss and this means works 300% and just be doing the same thing, and I said no to myself and I sold all my things and I started travelling for 5 years”

This is in Tijuana they have this tradition they paint for 40 years, they paint the horse like this, and then go to the tourist like this and said “take a photo of my zebra!

His passion for photography was born very early, “I started in the eighth grade… I don’t know why, I just started.”
The reason seems to be very clear, “i just like to really see it, I make a photo and then it’s enjoyable for me to look at it.”

Instead of photographing everyday life, he prefers to do it while traveling, because when you see something for the first time you can immortalize special moments.

“When something is new in the first time that’s when I like the most too just to start photographing because is when you see everything for the first time you see differently and is a special moment.”

And for this, and he doesn’t skimp on film, “As much as I can.”

His favorite place at the moment… he hasn’t thought twice about it, “I love Vietnam I came back two times.”

This is really common, it’s an old man.

For the edition he devotes his time… like a broth on a slow fire and this can be appreciated in his work… you can breathe 0% precipitation and it is something that is welcomed as a spectator.

“A commission work I try to make it quick and for my analog pictures I like to take my time.
Scanning take a lot of time.”
I’m very amused by an anecdote he tells me, and I haven’t been able to suppress my desire to listen to a bit of Vietnamese hip-hop while I’m writing this interview.
“We try to make one documentary about some hip hop in Vietnam this wanna be good, but we arrive there just to find out there are a lot of super hip hop superstars and it’s so boring.
Its really developing.”
I found a great interview in Vice and I leave you some names so you can satisfy your curiosity
Noah is not only a photographer, but also an assistant director for movies.

“You actually are often the guy that they say to him “quicker make quicker!! Does this do that…. and at the end of the day AAAHHH we love each other again.”
This textile is all over Vietnam, there are hats even shoes, they are selling everywhere.

“6 years I was working in movie productions, I started like a driver, I still do this sometimes for commercial.

Its easy, it’s good!”
And self-taught! All her inspiration and creativity comes out of himself

“I don’t have really founts inspirations I didn’t go to the photography school and if you ask what is my favorite movie… I do movies but I’m not into this moving art.”I have to admit that Noah has filled me with inspiration… His way of talking to me about his art, his books, his music, his cooking skills, his life decisions, his work, with those eyes so open and hungry for life, makes me rethink things inside myself. I am very grateful to participate in this fanzine project, I feel that it is a perfect excuse for a person to open to me the doors of their universe and that is when the magic happens because is then when my own universe seems to expand a few inches more.
PD:all his work here:

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